A Perfect Start?

Today is the first day of a new year, so I thought, “I am going to start doing the little things that I always put off.  I will begin with my thirsty houseplants.”  I pushed the rocking chair up to the bookcase where a giant spider plants sits on its perch.  Next, I poured in the water, being careful not to let a drop escape from the gallon jug.  I stood back thinking, “Yes, I am going to be the perfect house plant owner.” 

A fountain began flowing from the bottom of the plant pot, dripping into the spines of my favorite books, client notebooks and photo albums.  So, I missed perfection, just a little.

Next, I proceeded to stand on an upholstered chair to water a Christmas cactus which sits atop another set of shelves. Leaning against the back of the chair due to the distance between the chair and the plant, I thought, “No water fountains this time!” As I was pouring, ever so carefully, the seat cushion of the chair began sliding out of the chair, pulling me with it.  I caught myself just before my chin would have hit the wooden edge on the back of the chair. The gallon jug went a bit willy-nilly, but I am happy to say that not a drop of water escaped.  My plants look perky and soon the books will be dry enough to return to their home on the bookshelf. 

A perfect start to this new year!

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