A Perfect License Plate?

When my husband registered our “new” Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, he thought it would be great to purchase a license plate corresponding to my coaching business, Aim Higher, www.aimhighercoaching.com .  Due to lack of space on the plate, it actually reads, Aim Higr.   Today, a gentleman mistook it for “Aim Here”.  I had a good chuckle. 

About two weeks ago a deer looked straight at that license plate and aimed right for it.  I tried to dissuade the startled deer, by swerving around it.  But, it was too late.  Bang!

About an hour later, the county sheriff, a local hunter and I walked for a mile along the deserted road, flashlights beaming into the dense woods on either side of the road, and we searched for the poor deer.  We could not find a trace of the deer, except for the clumps of fur protruding from the fresh cracks and creases in my broken headlight, hood, bumper and fender.

Aim Here – the perfect license plate!

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