Perfect Artwork?

At what age do we start thinking about imperfection?  Our 19 month old granddaughter was coloring on paper in her highchair.  (We encourage artistic endeavors in a confined area after viewing her colorful work on a wall, mirror and doll’s head.  We also reinforce the association of the word paper with her “colors”.)  

She was intently scribbling from one end of the paper to the other.  I praised her, clapped my hands and said, “Yea!”  Then, I picked up one of the crayons and drew a very primitive rabbit, said, “Bunny,” and made a hopping rabbit with my fist and two fingers to help make the mental connection to my drawing.  Next, I handed her the crayon so she could continue drawing.  She handed the crayon back to me.  The crayon passed back and forth between us several times.  I was a bit disappointed that she did not return to her intense scribbling.  Did my imperfect bunny cause her to think that she missed perfection?

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