Perfect Shoes?

Several years ago, I attended a three day seminar in Philadelphia, PA.  The seminar was intense.  The instructors stressed the importance of being on time each morning.  But the days stretched into late nights creating many bleary eyes by the third morning.  Not wanting to be late, I arose before dawn and proudly arrived on time.  During that third morning’s lecture, the speaker stopped to allow ample time for reflection.  At this point my head was feeling heavy so I stretched my neck forward and glanced at the floor.   

I was mortified.  There were two different colored shoes on my feet.  “How could this be,” I wondered. I could feel my face turning red. “Perhaps if I tuck my feet way under my chair, no one will notice.”

The stranger beside me leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Nice shoes!” 

My hands were sweating.  I wanted to crawl under my chair.  I leaned toward the woman and said, “I have an identical pair at home.”

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