Perfect Way to Charge Your Portable Phone?

On several mornings, we noticed that our portable phones had not fully charged overnight.  We have been debating as to when we should purchase new ones.  As with most electronic gagits, it always seems like we bought them just last year, but in actuality it is several years ago.

However, this morning, my hubby discovered another reason for the low charge.  Being the perfectionist that I am, I always make sure the phones are in their chargers before going to bed.  This morning, my hubby had a good laugh when he looked at the phone.  It was upside down in the carriage!  It is a very sleek, flat faced phone with a slight curve in the center, so it could be easy, I think, to mistake which end is up.

I missed perfection, once again.  But, it is OK.  We laughed laughed and laughed at that upside down phone.

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