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Perfect Drink?

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

A few years back, I took a position in a school working with teachers, administrators and students creating school reform to boost student achievement.  One day at the start of a special conference with administrators and visiting professors, I decided to ask if the visiting professors would like some water and said, “Would you like some watelled botter?”

They gazed in my direction with puzzeled expressions.  I held up my bottle of Poland Spring water. They laughed and said, “yes.”  Once again, Missed Perfection was good for a few laughs.

Watelled botter, anyone?  You can miss perfection and still get your point accross!

Perfect Way to Charge Your Portable Phone?

Monday, February 16th, 2009

On several mornings, we noticed that our portable phones had not fully charged overnight.  We have been debating as to when we should purchase new ones.  As with most electronic gagits, it always seems like we bought them just last year, but in actuality it is several years ago.

However, this morning, my hubby discovered another reason for the low charge.  Being the perfectionist that I am, I always make sure the phones are in their chargers before going to bed.  This morning, my hubby had a good laugh when he looked at the phone.  It was upside down in the carriage!  It is a very sleek, flat faced phone with a slight curve in the center, so it could be easy, I think, to mistake which end is up.

I missed perfection, once again.  But, it is OK.  We laughed laughed and laughed at that upside down phone.

Perfect Toothpaste?

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

The other night, I stayed up late.  My eyelids grew heavy and I slowly made my way to the bedroom stopping only to brush my teeth.  Mechanically, I  grabbed the tube of toothpaste and squeezed an adequate amount onto the brush.  As I brought the toothbrush toward my mouth, I began pondering the color. ” Why is this toothpaste white?  We have been using a new blue toothpaste for the last week.”

Just as I landed the toothpaste on my teeth, it dawned on me. “Wait a minute!! This white stuff is not toothpaste.  It’s Desitin, the diaper rash cream!  Yuck!!”  

The tube of Desitin Original (for our little granddaughter’s visits) and Crest Pro Health are the same size.  Miss(ed) Perfection struck again!  But, along with missing perfection came several belly laughs.

It reminded me of a very similar occurance when I was a little girl.  I had not expected a visiting guest to put Brillcream hair lotion (“a little dab will do ya”) in our medicine closet.  I smeared Brillcream all over my teeth.  Back then I become upset when I made a mistake.  Now, I just laugh and laugh.  But, do remember this:  Brillcream and Desitin do not make good toothpaste.

Perfect Shoes?

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Several years ago, I attended a three day seminar in Philadelphia, PA.  The seminar was intense.  The instructors stressed the importance of being on time each morning.  But the days stretched into late nights creating many bleary eyes by the third morning.  Not wanting to be late, I arose before dawn and proudly arrived on time.  During that third morning’s lecture, the speaker stopped to allow ample time for reflection.  At this point my head was feeling heavy so I stretched my neck forward and glanced at the floor.   

I was mortified.  There were two different colored shoes on my feet.  “How could this be,” I wondered. I could feel my face turning red. “Perhaps if I tuck my feet way under my chair, no one will notice.”

The stranger beside me leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Nice shoes!” 

My hands were sweating.  I wanted to crawl under my chair.  I leaned toward the woman and said, “I have an identical pair at home.”

Perfect Artwork?

Monday, January 5th, 2009

At what age do we start thinking about imperfection?  Our 19 month old granddaughter was coloring on paper in her highchair.  (We encourage artistic endeavors in a confined area after viewing her colorful work on a wall, mirror and doll’s head.  We also reinforce the association of the word paper with her “colors”.)  

She was intently scribbling from one end of the paper to the other.  I praised her, clapped my hands and said, “Yea!”  Then, I picked up one of the crayons and drew a very primitive rabbit, said, “Bunny,” and made a hopping rabbit with my fist and two fingers to help make the mental connection to my drawing.  Next, I handed her the crayon so she could continue drawing.  She handed the crayon back to me.  The crayon passed back and forth between us several times.  I was a bit disappointed that she did not return to her intense scribbling.  Did my imperfect bunny cause her to think that she missed perfection?

A Perfect License Plate?

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

When my husband registered our “new” Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, he thought it would be great to purchase a license plate corresponding to my coaching business, Aim Higher, .  Due to lack of space on the plate, it actually reads, Aim Higr.   Today, a gentleman mistook it for “Aim Here”.  I had a good chuckle. 

About two weeks ago a deer looked straight at that license plate and aimed right for it.  I tried to dissuade the startled deer, by swerving around it.  But, it was too late.  Bang!

About an hour later, the county sheriff, a local hunter and I walked for a mile along the deserted road, flashlights beaming into the dense woods on either side of the road, and we searched for the poor deer.  We could not find a trace of the deer, except for the clumps of fur protruding from the fresh cracks and creases in my broken headlight, hood, bumper and fender.

Aim Here – the perfect license plate!

A Perfect Start?

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Today is the first day of a new year, so I thought, “I am going to start doing the little things that I always put off.  I will begin with my thirsty houseplants.”  I pushed the rocking chair up to the bookcase where a giant spider plants sits on its perch.  Next, I poured in the water, being careful not to let a drop escape from the gallon jug.  I stood back thinking, “Yes, I am going to be the perfect house plant owner.” 

A fountain began flowing from the bottom of the plant pot, dripping into the spines of my favorite books, client notebooks and photo albums.  So, I missed perfection, just a little.

Next, I proceeded to stand on an upholstered chair to water a Christmas cactus which sits atop another set of shelves. Leaning against the back of the chair due to the distance between the chair and the plant, I thought, “No water fountains this time!” As I was pouring, ever so carefully, the seat cushion of the chair began sliding out of the chair, pulling me with it.  I caught myself just before my chin would have hit the wooden edge on the back of the chair. The gallon jug went a bit willy-nilly, but I am happy to say that not a drop of water escaped.  My plants look perky and soon the books will be dry enough to return to their home on the bookshelf. 

A perfect start to this new year!